10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier

10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier

It can be so frustrating sometimes because there are certain things that can be challenging to do with long acrylic nails. We comprised a list of 10 acrylic nail hacks to make everyday tasks easier. Some females wear acrylic nails to express themselves or for vanity and let us not forget for artistic freedom. I love all the various artwork that can be done with acrylic nails.

It can be quite hard to function with stiletto nails or any nails similar to that. Most females try to get used to their long acrylic fake nails and adapt to their lifestyle change. We have to learn what works for us with any part of our beauty routine.

Below are 10 acrylic nail hacks to make everyday tasks easier with fake acrylic nails.

10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier

  1. Use Acrylic Nails as Tools

    acrylic nail designs
    How to function with acrylic nails  Photo source: Graziadaily

    Many of us are guilty of using our acrylic nails or regular nails as tools but we must take precaution when doing so because it can have consequences.

    We can use our acrylic nails to rip or poke through the scotch tape on packages, poking through foil lids, opening cans, applying lashes, etc. Fake nails also make a great itching tool for your back.

    You can use a pen or a fork to help you open a can of beverage.

  2. Problems Getting Your Cards With Long Nails

    10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier
    How to get your credit card out from a wallet with long acrylic nails   Photo source: Ebay

    It can be a pain to take your credit card out from your wallet with long acrylic nails or short embellished nails.

    Find yourself a small binder clip and glue a small piece of felt onto it – carry this binder clip everywhere with you because it will save you a lot of time. The felt is attached to the binder clip to keep it from scratching your cards.

    Use the binder clip to get your credit cards out of your wallet when your nails cannot assist you in that task.

    Use can also use a TWEEZER or JEWELRY PLIERS to pull your credit cards out of your wallet, ATMs, and other machines.

  3. No More Gel or Lotion Under Your Fingernails

    10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier
    How to keep acrylic nails from getting dirty  Photo source: Youtube

    Applying products that require our fingers can be a pain in the bottom but not if you use your knuckle/knuckles or top of your fingernails to scoop the gel or lotion out of the container.

    Scoop some of the product up with your knuckles or top of your acrylic nails and use your other fingers to apply the product to your hair without getting the product deep under your nails.

  4. Carry a Tweezer

    Use a tweezer instead of your acrylic nails
    Acrylic nails and tweezer  Photo source: Shuttershock

    Threading a needle can be a hard task with long nails so use a tweezer to hold the thread. You can also use a tweezer to help with lashes and holding things in place with a firmer grip than your fingernails.

    You can use to tweezer to pull out cards from automated machines, pick up coins, help you open cans, open eye shadow palettes, or the bottom part of her phone case, etc.

  5. Carry a Playing Card With You

    acrylic nail card hack
    Acrylic nails card hacks   Photo source: Socialbliss

    Picking up coins and small objects can be so frustrating with long acrylic nails but not if you have a playing card with you.

    Use a playing card to help you scoop things up like coins and any small objects your nails might be too slippery to pick up.

  6. Long Acrylic Fingernails and Keyboards

    10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier
    How to type with long fingernails  Photo source: Pinterest

    One reason I do not like long acrylic nails is that it tends to get in my way every day while I type.

    Use two pencils or pens to replace your fingers when typing on your keyboard. It will be weird at first but you will get used to it and gradually start typing fast again.

    You can also use a microphone to help you type.

  7. Scalp Massager

    acrylic nail scalp massager
    Acrylic nails scalp massager  Photo source: Myneautyandgo

    Use your beautiful acrylic nails as a scalp massager and as a back scratcher for yourself and others.

    It feels extremely good massaging your scalp in the shower with acrylic nails, try it.

  8. How to Make Your Bed With Long Acrylic Nail

    Acrylic marble glitter long nail
    How to make tuck your sheet with long acrylic nails  Photo source: Naildesignsjournal

    Are you having a hard time tucking your fitted sheets under your bed? Use your knuckles to assist you in tucking your sheets and you will minimize your chance drastically of losing an acrylic nail.

    You can also use kitchen tongs to help you hold and tuck your sheets without damaging your acrylic nails.

  9. Wear Gloves

    10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier
    Wear gloves to protect your nails  Photo source: Thespruce

    I believe this is one of the most important nail hacks from our list of 10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier. Wear gloves when putting on your tights, hosiery, delicate lace or anything that can rip easily and of course when you are doing chores around the house.

    Clothes items are costly and one simple hole can ruin tights, lingerie item and so many other clothes that can be pierced easily. Wear fabric or rubber gloves when putting on your cloth to save them from being destroyed by your acrylic nails.

    One of the best things you can do for your acrylic nails is to wear gloves while doing dishes and chores that involves chemicals or water. You should always wear gloves regardless if you have fake nails on because the chemicals will ruin your nail polish on real nails.

    Here is a major for everyone who likes to eat curry which is something I grew up eating with my hands instead of using a spoon. Most people from the Caribbean and other parts of the world eat curry with their hand/hands. Curry can stain your nails so try to use utensils when eating curry.

  10. Use Pliers

    10 Acrylic Nail Hacks to Make Everyday Tasks Easier
    How to get your card out from Machine   Photo source: Pinterest

    Have you ever tried to get your card out from an ATM machine, gas pump machine or any machine and could not because your nails were too long to grab it and pull it out?

    Carry a pair of jewelry pliers with you when you have acrylic nails on because it will be a breeze to pull your card out from those machines. You can also use a tweezer which will come in handy for other things, check out #4.

    Word of advice: Do not walk with jewelry pliers when going through any security system, especially airport security because they will confiscate it and might even detain you.

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