12 nails shapes

Your One Stop Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes

Here is your one stop guide to 12 different nail shapes that will help you choose what anil shape you want. Imagine there are more nail shapes then fingers on our hands so it can be hard to remember all of the different shapes. There are more than 12 nail shapes, but we have picked the most 12 favorite and fashionable nail shapes for you.

Your One Stop Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes

  1. Oval Nails

    Are oval nails and rounded nails the same?
    How are oval nails different than rounded nails?  Photo source: Etsy

    Oval nails and round nails look alike, but they are different from each other.
    Oval nails are when we file down the tip and each side of the nail to create a more extreme curvature then round nails. Oval nails help to make our fingers look or appear slender.

  2. Ballerina Nails

    What are coffin nails?
    Are ballerina nails and coffin nails the same?   Photo source: Naildesignsjournal

    Ballerina nails are also known as coffin nails or coffin shaped nails and can be easily mistaken for stiletto nails. Ballerina nails have a square tip whereas the stiletto nail has a pointy tip. This beautiful shape nail got its name because it is shaped like a coffin and also like ballerina shoes/slippers.


  3. Mountain Peak Nails

    Mountain peak shape nail designs
    Short mountain peak nails  Photo source: Popsugar

    Mountain peak nails are very similar to stiletto nail in shape, but mountain peak nails are shorter than stiletto nails.

  4.  Square Nails

    Square shaped nails
    What is the best nail shape for me?  Photo source: Hudabeauty

    Square nail shape has been around for a long time. Square nails are straight with sharp corners and flat on top.

  5.  Lipstick Nails

    Lipstick shaped nails
    Lipstick shape acrylic nails  Photo source: Galstyles

    Lipstick fingernails is a squared nail style that slants diagonally and looks like the cut angle of a new tube of lipstick.


  6. Almond Nails 

    Cute almond shape nails
    Almond shaped nails acrylic  Photo source: Thetrendspotter

    Almond nails are filed along both sides like oval nails, but almond nails wall is tapered to end to form a round peak that resembles an actual almond.

  7. Edge Nails

    Your One Stop Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes
    How to do edge nails  Photo source: Nailsmag

    Edge nails also have a point similar to the arrowhead, stiletto and mountain peak nail shape but the edge nail point is less aggressive. Edge nail extends straight before the edge of the nail are filed.

  8. Stiletto Nails

    Your One Stop Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes
    Stiletto nails design Photo source: Goodhpusekeeping

    Stiletto nails have a sharper point and a broader base than the almond nail.

  9. Arrowhead Nails

    Your One Stop Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes
    Arrowhead nail design   Photo source: Wordsiseek

    Arrowhead nails are similar to stiletto nails, but arrowhead is not as pointy a stiletto nails and has a softer and shorter point.

  10. Squoval Nails

    What is the best nail shape for fat fingers?
    What is a Squoval nail shape?   Photo source: Naildesigns

    Squoval nails are also known as square oval nail and are great because they do not snag on cloth like a few other nail shapes do.

  11. Flare Nails

    What are flare nails?
    Flare nails tips  Photo source: Pinterest

    Flare nails are also known as duckbill shape nail and are nails that flare outwards and
    upwards and outwards.


  12. Round Nails

    Your One Stop Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes
    How to shape nails round  Photo source: Naildesignsjournal

    Round nail shape is a nail shape that is loved by many people who loves to keep their nail short. Round nails start with straight sides like the square nail but round nails curve at the edges.

    Your guide to 12 nail shapes
    12 Different Nail Shapes   Photo source: Pinterest

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