Clean Manicure in Seconds

Below are some easy fingernail hacks everyone should know especially if you love to do your fingernails. Some of the hacks you might already know and there might be some hacks that you know that are are not listed so please share your hacks with us.  Sometimes we want our nails to look perfect as though we went to the salon but we are out of time or just too lazy to go get them done. You can have a perfect DIY home manicure with the hacks below. Your nails will thank you for these easy fingernail hacks everyone should know.

A few of the hacks below are from what I know and some are from AlexandrasGirlyTalk YouTube video.

Easy Fingernail Hacks Everyone Should Know

  1. Remove dead skin from your nail to help you nail polish stay on longer

    Easy Fingernail Hacks Everyone Should Know
    Why do manicurists push your cuticles back?

    Use a cuticle stick to push back your cuticles.
    Use a scraper to scrape off the dead skin on top of the nail that is not visible.
    The dead skin is actually the cuticle that turns into hangnails.
    Scraping off the dead skin will help your nail polish to stay on longer.
    You can use Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover
    You can also a cuticle clipper if there is still dead skin hanging after pushing your cuticles back and scraping off the dead skin.

  2. Remove oil from your nail to extend nail polish life

    How to keep my nails clean Source: Quora

    Use acetone, nail polish remover or alcohol to remove oil on your nail.
    You can also use a buffer to buff away any shine or oil from your nail.
    Do not touch your nails after buffing until you put your base coat on.

  3. File your nail the right way

    DO NOT file your nails in a back and forth motion as that will make your nails somewhat jagged.
    Filing your nails in one direction might help prevent them from breaking and snagging on things.

  4. Applying nail polish

    Easy Fingernail Hacks Everyone Should Know
    Nail Polish Hacks Photo source: Oneclickbeautycare

    Make sure you do not have too much nail polish on the brush. Put a dot of nail polish to the upper middle of your nail and pull it down to the tip of your nail. Repeat and pull down to both sides of your nail.
    Do Not apply more nail polish to areas you might have missed because this will create a problem for you.
    Wait for your first coat of nail polish to completely dry before applying your second coat of nail polish.

  5. Applying the clear top coat of nail polish

    Wait for your second coat of color nail polish to completely dry before applying your clear coat.
    Apply the clear coat nail polish to the tip (edge) of your fingernails as well because it will help your nail polish to stay on longer and might help prevent your nail from chipping.

  6. Manicure perfection for nail polish mishaps

    Easy Fingernail Hacks Everyone Should Know
    Clear liquid latex nail polish  Photo source: Canni

    You can apply chapstick, clear liquid latex or Elmer’s school glue on your cuticles so you can easily peel it off after your final coat of nail polish dries.
    Apply Sally Hansen Base Coat Big Peel Off around your cuticles.
    You can apply chapstick to your cuticles and then spray it with hairspray – The hairspray can get on your nail because the hairspray can also be the base coat for your nail polish.
    You can also add olive oil to a cotton ball and apply it your cuticles to hydrate them.

  7. How to remove dark color nail polish

    Do not rub your nail polish remover in an upward motion because that helps the nail polish to get into your cuticles.
    Remove your color nail polish by rubbing it off in a downward motion.
    You can apply any kind of hand cream on your cuticles and nail polish before removing nail polish.
    HINT: Apply a clear base coat of nail polish before applying wear dark or red color nail polish on your nails. Applying color nail polish without a base coat can be challenging to remove without the above hacks.

  8. How to fix chipped nail polish on the go without nail polish remover

    Simply apply nail polish over your chipped nail polish and rub off- repeat the previous step if needed and then apply nail polish and let it dry completely before touching anything.

Hope You Like Our Easy Fingernail Hacks Everyone Should Know 🙂

Source: AlexandrasGirlyTalk

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