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Gel Manicures Linked to Skin Cancer?

Gel Manicures Linked to Skin Cancer?

Gel manicures are marvelous for many reasons including how they look and how long gel manicures last. Many experts have advised/warned females who get their nails done regularly to use sunscreen or fingerless gloves to help prevent any harm that might occur while using the UV lamp to harden their gel nail polish. Salons typically use UV lamps for acrylic gel manicures. Is gel manicures linked to skin cancer? It is not 100% proven if it can but there is a possibility so I would just stay away from it.

Can UV nail lamp cause skin damage and increase your risk of skin cancer? states “UV lamps used to harden gel nail polish emit similar light to carcinogenic UV tanning beds, a group of Irish plastic surgeons has warned.” Commercial solariums were made illegal in 2014 in NSW.

Gel Manicures Linked to Skin Cancer?
What does it mean when you have a black line on your fingernail?  Photo source: The Sun

Melanonychia – A brown or black line on your fingernail or toenail might be harmless or could be cancer. Melanonychia occurs in people with darker skin color. Subungual melanoma is a form of skin cancer that affects the nail bed and could be caused by UV light.

I was a fan of gel manicures until a few months ago when I found out about other harms it does to our nails.

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Semanticscholar: said, “DNA damage could be reached between eight and 208 visits to a salon” after analyzing 17 different nail lamps. Another study indicated that you can receive the recommend dose of an entire day in less than 10 minutes.

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According to an editorial published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology – Several plastic surgeons in Ireland states that UV lamp has been linked to skin cancer on the hand.

Surgeons at the University Hospital Galway from the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery advise people to stay away from UV lamps or apply sunscreen before having a gel manicure as a precaution.

Video source: 7NewsAustralia  Gel Manicures Linked to Skin Cancer?

It is still controversial whether UV lamps cause skin cancer but there is a lot of experts that warns everyone to take precautions before getting a gel manicure.

The American Academy of Dermatology and The Skin Cancer Foundation in the USA recommend for people to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to their hands before getting a gel manicure.

Most Skin Cancers are Caused by The Sun's UVA and UVB Ultraviolet Rays
UV light penetrates the skin and increases your risk of skin cancer  Photo source: Dailymail

Heather Walker from the Chair National Skin Cancer Committee, Cancer Council Australia mentions: “Generally, these devices emit low levels of UV radiation and people are exposed for very short periods. However, UV damage adds up over time so protecting your hands is recommended.”

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