This chart is a must for me, and I am happy I found this.  There is a surplus of spiders where I live, and now I’ll be a little calmer when my chart arrives. The chart includes poisonous spiders, low-risk spiders, deadly and dangerous spiders and what to do in the event you’re bitten by a spider.

I have even called the exterminator for the spiders because I didn’t recognize that specific one and I was scared for my little ones. I will paste this Local Spider Identification Chart in my home.

There are spider charts available for the United States, Canada, and Australia. Please click on the following link to get your chart The website is a termite site so you might find other content that you may like.

USA Spider Chart Info

Deadly and Dangerous Spiders in the U.S.

Spider Types:

Brown Recluse Spider, Black Widow Spider, Hobo Spider

Spider Bite First Aid:

  1. Keep the patient calm.
  2. Apply ice to decrease pain and swelling.
  3. Use anti-inflammatories for pain relief.
  4. Contact your doctor.

Important Notice:

Male spiders have a smaller abdomen, longer legs, and swollen palps (for reproduction)

Toxic (Poisonous) – Painful Bite Spiders in the U.S.

Spider Types:

Female Mouse Spider & Male Mouse Spider, Black House Spider (Common), Wolf Spider

Important Warning:

Most of these spiders can be dangerous to people with allergies or hypersensitivities.