5 secrets for the perfect at-home manicure

5 Secrets For The Perfect At-Home Manicure / DIY Manicure

Why waste your time and money at the salon when you can get comparable results at home. Below are 5 secrets for the perfect at-home manicure / DIY manicure that will save you a lot of money at the end of the year. 

DIY manicure is not hard, and there is nothing to be nervous about because our 5 secrets for the perfect at-home manicure step-by-step list below will make it a breeze for you.

5 Secrets For The Perfect At-Home Manicure / DIY Manicure

1. Clean Your Nails

push your cuticles back - Do not trim your cuticles
Clean your nails  DIY Manicure

I’m not too fond of filing, but I do it because we need clean nails to start our manicure process.

Clean nails mean that you have to clip, file, and buff your nails.

Cuticles – Please do not cut your cuticles. Use an orange stick to push your cuticles back. People often mistake and cut their cuticles too short, which leads to infection and a weak nail bed. You can use Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover if there is a cuticle that is bothering and you have to remove it.

White vinegar is great to use to clean your nail bed because it removes any residue left by your nail polish remover. You can also wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial hand soap to remove any residue

2. Do Not Soak Your Nails

Do Not Soak Your Nails
Do Not Soak Your Nails  Nail Design

Soaking your nails in water will make your nails expand. Therefore, your nail polish will chip and peel off faster because your nails will shrink back to regular size when it completely dries, which results in the nail polish also shrink and chip.

Do not soak your nails in anything within half an hour before applying nail polish.

3. Paint Your Thumbs Last

5 Secrets For The Perfect At-Home Manicure / DIY Manicure
Paint your thumb last  Salon Spa

One of the best things I have learned is to paint all of my fingers except for my thumbs which I use to clean up my other fingers. I keep nail polish remover next to me when applying nail polish, so if I need to clean up the side of a nail, then I dip my thumb in the nail polish remover and clean that area.

You might ask what you do if you need to clean your thumb – I dip a cuticle stick into nail polish remover and clean my thumbs. I do not use the cuticle stick on my other fingers because I find it easier to use my thumb

4. Take Care of Your Cuticles

Apply cuticle oil or lotion to your cuticles
Take care of your cuticles  Beauty Heaven

Invest in cuticle oil because it will help your manicure last longer and help treat your cuticles simultaneously. You can even use hand cream if you are like me and do not want several different things because you know you will not remember to use it. Lotion your hands several times throughout the day.

5. Touch Up Your Nail Polish

touch up chip nails
Touch up nail polish    Zero Report

Touch up your nail polish every three days throughout the week because it might help your manicure last longer.

Do not forget to add a clear topcoat of nail polish on top of your color nail polish.

It is an excellent idea to keep the nail polish you are using that week in hand reach so you can retouch your nail polish on the go if needed.

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