How to Remove Fake Acrylic Nails Easily at Home with Little to No Pain
How to Remove Fake Acrylic Nails Easily at Home with Little to No Pain

There are many different ways on how to remove fake acrylic nails easily at home with little to no pain at all. It is very easy to remove your nails in less than 30 minutes at home. I tried all three of the methods listed below, and they work well for me. My nails hurt a little because the person who did my acrylics did a really horrible job. My nails currently have slices and huge dents in them from the last sets of acrylic nails. Please see which methods suit you better.

Please apply petroleum jelly, lotion, or some kind of lubricant to your hands after you remove your acrylic nails. Also, very important, please wash your hands after any one of these procedures.

How to Remove Fake Acrylic Nails Easily at Home with Little to No Pain

Method 1
1. Soak 10 pieces of cotton in pure acetone
2. Place one cotton at a time on your nail and please avoid touching your skin if possible
3. Take a piece of foil paper and wrap it around your fingernail to secure the soaked cotton
4. Let your nail soak for a while, not sure how long it will take for your nail, but it took about 20 minutes for my nails.
5. After about 20 minutes, the acrylic nail should slide off or be easier to remove.
6. If the nail doesn’t slide off, then reapply acetone for another 15 minutes.

Method 2
Take a warm/hot shower and then immediately after, removed your acrylic nails. I removed all ten of my nails in under ten minutes using the Dentex Floss with the handle.
1. Take warm shower/bath
2. Use floss with the handle to pry edges of the nail upwards so that you can slide the floss under the acrylic nail.
3. Slide the floss under your acrylic nail, and it should come off with little to no effort, it shouldn’t pain at all.
4. If you are planning on cutting your real nails after taking the acrylic nails out then, it will be easier to cut the acrylic nail first, before removing it.

Method 3
1. Get two bowls, One large and one smaller to fit in the large bowl
2. Fill a large bowl with hot water
3. Fill smaller bowl with pure acetone
4. Put the smaller bowl with acetone to sit in a larger bowl with hot water – DO NOT empty the acetone in the water
5. Saturate your fingers in the bowl with acetone
6. Keep your finger moving in the bowl; it will help the acetone to penetrate the acrylic
7. If the water becomes cold, throw away the cold water and refill with hot water. Hint, placing a candle warmer underwater bowl will keep water warm/hot, so you won’t have to replace water.
8. The nail should be deteriorated in 25 minutes or start to deteriorate. You should be able to take them off with little effort at all.

Please remember to wash your hands after removing acrylic nails and apply lots of lubricant to hands.

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