what are acrylic nails made of?
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I have wondered many times about what are acrylic nails made of? Women love to adore their natural nails with acrylic nails so I have decided to do some digging and find out what are acrylic nails made of? I have learned that acrylic nails are more scientific then I thought.

The word “acrylic nail” covers many product types, including press-on nails, nail tips, and sculpted nails. Acrylic nails that are sculpted onto our natural nail bed are made of a liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) being mixed together to create a thick paste. The thick paste is what the manicurist/nail technician smooths onto our natural nail and leaves it to dry which occurs quickly. The nail technician will then file the harden acrylic nail into whatever shape you desire.

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The manicurist/nail technician will dip a brush into monomer and then into the polymer to create a small bead that will be placed on your natural nail to create the acrylic nail.

Monomer is made of:
Ethyl methacrylate which is a catalyst that aids in speeding up the initiator in the powder. Inhibitors that refrain the monomer from hardening before it is mixed with the powder.
UV absorbents which help in preventing the nails from yellowing.
Wetting agents to help improve adhesion.

Polymers are made of:
UV absorbents to help prevent the nail from yellowing.
Colorants which give the powder a pinkish color.
Titanium dioxide which gives the nails a white pigment.

The proper powder to liquid ratio need to be applied correctly or you can be left with lumpy, thick, uneven or crooked nails.

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Acrylic nails are pretty to have but they contain more chemicals than gel nails and last longer than gel nails. Gel nails might not be save.  LINK: Gel Manicures Linked to Skin Cancer?

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