10 Health Benefits of Wine You Should Know

10 Health Benefits of Wine You Should Know

Wine is a drink that is known around the world and is consumed by many people. Wine helps some people to relax, but did you know that wine has over 10 health benefits. The 10 health benefits of wine you should know are listed below.

You will read the word “free radical” a lot below. What are free radicals? Free radicals are molecules that are unstable and enter our cells through environmental toxins. Free radicals can also enter our cells by turning food into energy and acting as a natural byproduct. Free radicals steal electrons from other molecules and can wreak havoc on our cells and genetic material.

Researchers discovered that in the early 1990s, many fruits and vegetables contain substances that can neutralize free radicals before they cause damages.

The American Heart Association does not recommend drinking wine for nondrinkers and those at risk of alcoholism.

10 Health Benefits of Wine You Should Know

  1. Wine Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

    10 Health Benefits of Wine You Should Know
    Is wine good for heart disease?  Photo source: All remedies

    Heart disease is the reason for many people dying at a young age, and taking precautions is as easy as drinking a glass of red wine every night, which is well worth it. Red wine contains tannins, which contain procyanidins – phenols that neutralize free radicals and effectively prevent cardiovascular disease.

    Researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology conducted a test for 21 consecutive days on how red wine affects blood vessels’ health. They discovered that the blood vessels’ health improved and allowed blood to flow more freely, which lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease and increased the heart’s health.

  2. Wine Promotes Longevity

    Red wine and longevity
    Does red wine make you live longer?  Photo source: Mercurynews

    Does red wine really increase our lifespan? A few researchers at Harvard Medical School said that the resveratrol found in red wine activates a protein in us that acts as an anti-aging agent, which increases our overall health resulting in us living longer – longevity. Wine also reduces our risk of many illnesses/diseases, increasing the amount of time we live.

  3. Red Wine Contains Antioxidants

    Which red wines are good for health?
    Which red wine has the most health benefits?  Photo source: Quintessentiallypeople

    Antioxidants are known to help neutralize free radicals in your body to help fight against cancer, heart disease, and other chronic conditions.

    Wine can helps us fight off these free radicals that can cause cancer because wine is full of antioxidants that attack free radicals.

    A scientist at the University of Barcelona conducted a study between white wine and red wine. The study shows white wine containing as much if not more phenols than red wine. So, Is red wine better than white wine?

  4. Does Red Wine Lower Cholesterol?

    Which red wine is good for lowering cholesterol?
    Can Red wine lower cholesterol?  Photo source: Vivehealth

    Wine contains procyanidins that promote a healthy heart and lower your cholesterol, so drink a glass of wine at night. Drinking wine regularly strengthens our body to fight against heart disease by boosting our good cholesterol (HDL), immunizing our bad cholesterol (LDL) to fight against free radical attacks, and decreasing inflammation while thinning our blood.

    Dr. Roger Corder is a British heart expert who researched why people living in the Gers region of southwest France have twice the number of people living past 90-years-old. Dr. Corder thinks the reason is that they are drinking procyanidin-rich wine from the Tannat grape, which helps to build their resiliency against heart disease. Dr. Corder recommends people drink dark-colored and full-flavored wines such as Madiran, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Barolo.

    Red wine also helps lower blood pressure, so that is a bonus as to why you should drink red wine.

  5. Is Red Wine Good for Your Immune System?

    Best red wine for cold
    Red wine cold remedy  Photo source: protein-bars cheap

    Drinking a glass of red wine every day can boost your immune system, but that does not mean that you should stop taking your daily vitamins. Drinking a moderate amount of wine/alcohol can help fight off infections, protect against acute illnesses, and keep your immune system healthy.

    Imagine, a glass of red wine a day can help fight off influenza and the common cold.

    Red wine contains antioxidant polyphenols, which help to prevent viruses from multiplying once they’re in your system and can also prevent these viruses from entering your body.

    A Spanish study concluded that people who drink about two or more red wine glasses every day decrease their chance by 44% of having a cold compared to non-drinkers.

    Drinking too much alcohol can cause negative effects on your health and immune system, so please drink one glass a night or day to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  6. Does Red Wine Help With Memory Loss?

    red wine and brain function - red wine and memory loss - red wine benefits for brain
    Is Red Wine Good for the Brain?   Photo source: Technology lifestyle

    Wine helps to improve cognitive function and is considered brain food. Wine contains chemicals that prevent our brain’s neurons from dying resulting in protecting us from dementia while slowing down neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

    Researchers at Texas A&M have conducted studies on rat where they examine
    the effects of resveratrol on the hippocampus, which is the part of our brain responsible for mood, memory, and learning.

    A study done between drinkers and non-drinkers showed that moderate drinkers’ brain function does not decrease as fast as non-drinkers as they age.

  7. Can Drinking Red Wine Increase Spinal Bone Density?

    red wine and bone healing
    White wine and osteoporosis  Photo source: Explorelifestyle

    Our bones in our body age as we age, and that is not a good thing because our bones become more brittle as we age. We can increase our calcium intake to help our bones become stronger, or we can drink a glass of wine daily.

    Red wines contain high levels of silicon, increasing your bone density and reducing the chance of you having osteoporosis. It also helps our teeth stay strong because red wine contains proanthocyanidins that can prevent bacteria from sticking to our teeth and prevent gingivitis, tooth decay, and cavities.

    Females are at a higher total risk of developing osteoporosis, but men are significantly more likely to pass away after an osteoporotic fracture.

  8. Is Red Wine Good for Diabetes?

    Can red wine lower your blood sugar?
    Is drinking wine good for people with diabetes? Photo source: Winedom

    Wine can help those individuals who are at risk for type 2 diabetes. Wine contains resveratrol, which improves sensibility to insulin, meaning that it has insulin resistance.

    I was shocked to learn that wine that contains sugar can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

    Researchers have discovered that red wines contain certain compounds that can eliminate your blood sugar to spike after consuming a meal by blocking an enzyme that absorbs glucose in the small intestine.

    Sipping a glass of wine has many health benefits 🙂

  9. Can Wine Protect You From Having a Stroke?

    how to prevent a stroke naturally
    How do you prevent a stroke from happening?  Photo source: Health.Harvard

    Drinking alcohol and wine regularly can help in preventing blood clots. Wine helps break up blood clots by acting as a natural blood thinner, decreasing our chance of having a stroke.

    Red wine contains phenols that act like an aspirin where it thins the blood.

    John Hopkins University Medical Center concluded that resveratrol in red grape skins could protect us against stroke when the grapes are turned into wine.

  10. Is Red Wine Good for Preventing Cancer?

    Red wine kills cancer cells - 10 Health Benefits of Wine You Should Know
    Cancer prevention and red wine  Photo source: Slideshare.net

    A glass of wine a day can help reduce our chance of having colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. Wine contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals that lets cancer grow/thrive. Red wine’s cancer-fighting resveratrol and quercetin prevent tumors and stop certain proteins from developing that cancer cells need to multiply, fight against heart disease, and cancerous cells.

    Red wine has also been shown to prevent lung cancer and slow down the growth of existing cancers.

Please drink wine and any alcohol responsibly and in moderation because too much can negatively affect your body.

Did you like our list of 10 Health Benefits of Wine You Should Know?

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