Homemade banana facial mask
DIY Banana Face Mask / 1 ingredient banana face mask

Amazing 1 Ingredient Banana Face Mask

Hmmm, can it be true, a 1 ingredient banana face mask? Who would have thought that bananas can moisturize your skin and makes your skin appear softer and feel softer? YES – banana is a natural fruit that can create a homemade face mask that works wonders along with moisturizing your skin and making it feel and look softer.

The 1 ingredient banana face mask is one of the face masks that almost anyone with any skin type can use unless you are allergic to bananas.

Banana face mask
1 ingredient banana facial mask

Medium banana

Are you wondering what other ingredients are needed and why I only listed banana as the ingredient? Well, banana is the only ingredient required. Yes, you read that right, only a/one banana.

Mash the banana into the texture of a smooth paste.
Apply the pasty/sticky banana mixture onto your face and entire neck.
Leave the mask on your face for about 15-20 minutes.
Wash the mask off with cold water.
Do not pull the mask off from your face if it hardens; massage it with cold water until it loosens.

Photo source: PinterestAtkins

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