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I am so guilty of picking on acrylic nails, I just can’t seem to leave them alone although I want them to stay for a long time. Our team has put together a list of 5 easy hacks to prevent acrylic nails from lifting up.

It is nice to get pamper and feel awesome with freshly groomed acrylics but it can be a mood killer when your nails do not last as long as you would like them to last and it is our fault.

I have never broken an acrylic nail but I have had my acrylics lift on me because I cannot leave them alone. Acrylic lifting is basically when your acrylic is lifting off or away from your real nail bed which is a big no-no if you use your fingers or hands continuously every day at work.

Below is our comprised list of five tricks or habits that will help you to keep your acrylic nails looking beautiful and to stay strong.

5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Acrylic Nails From Lifting

  1. Do Not Pick at Your Acrylic Nails

    5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Acrylic Nails From Lifting
    How to prevent acrylic nails from lifting?  Photo source: Jeanettetomas

    I have mentioned this before – I am guilty of picking at my cuticles and edges of my acrylic nails which sometimes results in lifting of my acrylic nails.

    Try applying cuticle oil, lotion, oil or Vaseline to your cuticles to help keep them soft and not dry so you can reduce your chance of picking on dry skin.

    If you are bored and your cuticles are soft as can be but you find yourself still tempted to pick at the edges of your acrylic nail then play a game, read a book or do something that you like to distract you from picking at your nail.

  2. Get Fill-ins Regularly

    Repair acrylic nails
    How to make your acrylic nails last  long Photo source: Youtube

    Having acrylic nails requires regular maintenance which can be time-consuming and costly over time.

    It is recommended to get your acrylic nails fill about every two weeks to help prevent lifting and help prevent getting a new set put in.

    Delaying fill-ins can result in your acrylics getting damage and can result costing more to repair.


  3. Repair Small Lifts

    5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Acrylic Nails From Lifting
    repair acrylic nail lifts

    You should get a jagged or cracked acrylic nail fixed as soon as possible at the nail salon. Your nail technician will know what to do.

    You can fix your acrylic nail at home if there is a minor separation between your acrylic nail and nail bed.
    1. Clean your entire finger with rubbing alcohol (kills bacteria if there is any) and low it to air dry.
    2. Apply a small amount of nail glue to the affected area and press down gently until the glue is dry.

  4. Find a Superb Manicurist

    5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Acrylic Nails From Lifting
    DIY fix your acrylic nails at home   Photo source: crystalnails

    One of the best things you can do for yourself if you will be wearing acrylics regularly is to find a great manicurist that you can stick with for a long time.

    Inexperienced manicurist or manicurist who just don’t have time and seems to be rushing can be the reason why your nail lifts a few days after getting them done.

    It can be as simple as your manicurist not removing the natural oils from your nails or using an incorrect acrylic mixture to cause your newly done acrylic nails to not last until your two weeks touch up.


  5. Keep Your Acrylics Clean

    5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Acrylic Nails From Lifting
    Wash acrylic nails with antibacterial soap  Photo source: Slideshare

    Wash your hands with antibacterial soap often throughout the day to help prevent bacteria and fungus from developing between your nail bed and acrylic nail.

    What I am about to say will contradict the above statement: Individuals who tends to have lifts with their acrylic nails should avoid soaking their hands in water. Wash your hands for 30 seconds at a time.

    If you have a job that requires your hands to be in water for an excessive amount of time then please do wear a waterproof glove to save your acrylic nails from getting damaged.

Do you have any hacks to add to our list of 5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Acrylic Nails From Lifting ?

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