How To Repair Lifted Acrylic Nails at Home Without Paying A Nail Salon
How to fix lifted acrylic nail at home

One of the worst things is getting beautiful acrylic nails and having a lift a few days later. No one wants to spend extra money on their acrylic nails within a week after getting them. We decided to investigate on how to repair lifted acrylic nails without paying a nail salon. You can safely fix lifted acrylic nail with rubbing alcohol and nail glue at home.

Sometimes we are left with no choice but to visit a nail salon because our acrylic nails are lifted too much, and there is nothing we can do at home. Dirt, germs, water and other not so good things can be trapped between your natural nail and acrylic nail when your acrylic nail separates from your natural nail. Not to mention that lifted nails can snag on things and be bothersome to type with.

Every nail salon policy regarding fixing your acrylic nails might be different; some might fix acrylic lifted nail for free where others might charge you. Read our article below to find out how to repair lifted acrylic nails at home without paying a nail salon.

How To Repair Lifted Acrylic Nails at Home Without Paying A Nail Salon

Why do Fake Nails Lift?

How To Repair Lifted Acrylic Nails at Home Without Paying A Nail Salon
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Fake nails lift most of the time because of the application process which includes prepping and filling at the nail salon.

Many of us think that we did something to make our acrylic nail lift, but it was not our fault. Below are some reason why acrylics lift

  • The manicurist or nail technician might have forgotten to remove all the oil from our natural nails which can result in lifting around our cuticle area.
  • Nails can also separate or lift because the acrylic nail is too long for our natural nails.
  • The sides of our nails can lift because of the filling or shaping techniques which might not have been up to standards.
  • Our natural nails might have a different growth pattern which interferes with the acrylic nails.
  • Our everyday activities might cause our acrylics to lift, but this is rare.

How To Repair Lifted Acrylic Nails at Home Without Paying A Nail Salon

Is it possible to fix lifted acrylics at home? Yes, you can fix lifted acrylic nails at home.
You will need nail glue, a small container to dip your finger in and alcohol.

  • Fill a container will alcohol deep enough to submerge your finger in with the lifted acrylic nail.
  • Dip your finger with the lifted acrylic nail into the alcohol which will sanitize and remove any oil or bacteria that might be trapped between your natural nail and acrylic nail.
  • Let the alcohol air dry.
  • Apply the glue in between your natural nail and acrylic nail and lightly apply pressure on your acrylic nail until you think the glue has dried.

Please visit a nail salon if you are hesitant about your acrylic nail and if there any sign of infection. Some signs of infection are redness around the finger, swelling, and pain.

Severe Acrylic Nail Lifts

Source: Nail Career Education

Severe lifts or damage acrylic nails might require the help of a nail technician because there might be several steps to fixing your nail. Your fake acrylic nail might need to be replaced which is best if done by a professional.

The video above shows nail technician Suzie fixing her lifted acrylic nail that needed to remove and replaced by a fresh or new acrylic nail.

Suzie’s video covers

  • The lifted acrylic nail
  • Removing lifted acrylic nail
  • Tip on how to take out a bubble in an acrylic nail
  • How to use a drill to remove bad acrylic
  • How to file natural nail with a drill
  • How to Build the new acrylic nail
  • How to shape the new sculpted nail with a drill
  • How to find the shape with a hand file
  • How to do the polish application for a finished look

Are Lifted Acrylic Nails Dangerous?

Lifted acrylic nails can become a health problem if you wait over a day to fix it so please do not wait over a week to fix a lifted acrylic nail. Bacteria can be trapped between your natural nail and acrylics nail which can result in a nail infection called paronychia.

Paronychia is a soft tissue infection that can be caused by:

  • Damage skin around your nail which can cause an infection by letting germs in.
  • Biting and pulling off your hangnails can cause bacteria to get in.

Please seek help if you see:

  • Red swelling around the nail
  • A high fever a few days after lifted nail occurred.
  • Red streaks on your skin
  • Joint or muscle pain

Are lifted acrylic nails dangerous? Lifted acrylic nails can become dangerous if not treated promptly.

Do Lifted Acrylics Require a Salon Visit?

Not all lifted acrylic nails require a visit to the nail salon, use your discretion. You can use nail glue and alcohol to reattach tour acrylic nail to your natural nail if you use proper hygiene to prevent the risk of infection.

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