Gator Dockside – Kids Eat Free on Tuesday’s – Free Face Paint, Clown, Balloons, Bingo & Desert

My kids love Gator Dockside on Tuesday Nights. One kids eat free per paying adult so since I go there with my three kids. I will order an entree and get one meal free, and my other son will order an appetizer and get a kids meal free for my younger son so it works out. Please check with you Gator Dockside if you can get a kids meal free when ordering an appetizer before ordering. By the way, kids get a free refill on their drinks, my  kids always get chocolate milk.

We’ll go there for 5:30pm and leave at 8:30pm – yes I spend my Tuesday nights at Gator Dockside with my three little bundle of happiness. I will order the kids mac and cheese meal for my littlest tike because he has no patience to wait for us to order what we want. The waitresses are so nice that they will place his order without us being ready to place our whole order. Kids will visit the Clown and get their face paint and get whatever shape balloon they like while the food is being prepared. They will eat their dinner at the table while they play bingo at 6:30pm.
The waitress always gives my three kids a dessert although we always order two kids meals which makes me appreciate and love this place even more – it is so kid friendly and the waiters always smile and play with the kiddies. It is a fun filled evening with my boys that I enjoy a great deal.
I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for great food and a kids friendly atmosphere. Please click on the following link to get your closest Gator Dockside location