Okay, I have been doing this for years now, and not many people know about this deal.  There are many ways to get free tokens from Chuck E. Cheese’s, but I will tell you 2 guaranteed ways

1. Take your child’s report card to Chuck E. Cheese’s and you will get free tokens for their grades

2. Go to the Chuck E. Cheese Deals and Offers Rewards and you will see a lot of rewards, you may use one per child – if you have five kids then you can redeem five rewards. Each reward gives you 10 tokens, so I usually get 30 tokens from this for my three kids. I usually use this reward  because you get 4 rewards on one paper printed, and if you’re familiar with Photoshop, then you can shrink the size and print about 8 on one paper like I do(save ink, paper, and money at Chuck E. Cheese’s – win-win)

Most of the time I take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s, it is totally free unless they want fries or something. Once I receive 136 tokens free from Chuck E. Cheese’s with all my coupons, but coupons are not available at all times so come back or sign up for my newsletter, and you get all my great freebies.

You can also join their email club and enter your child’s birthday, and you will receive an email for 100 free tickets on their birthday and also 6 months before their birthday. Chuck E.Cheese gave 20 free tokens for kids birthdays, but they cut back like many other places.

Play Chuckee Cheese game online and get 50 tickets to print for free.

100 ticket from birthday + 50 online game ticket + tickets you win at Chuckee Cheese <–hopefully it is 50 then you can get a cotton candy like my kids or save up all your tickets for a big prize. Tickets do fade after a few months so beware.

FYI – There is also a coupon here to get 100 tokens for $20.