Ways to Save Money

There are many ways to reduce your water bill in the summer just by doing some simple things. Below is a list of 20 ways to save water and reduce your water bill today.

20 Ways to Save Water & Reduce Your Water Bill Now!

  1. Washing Dishes by Hand – Soap/scrub all dishes first with water off. Turn water on when you’re ready to rinse all dishes and put in the dish rack to dry. If your drying by hand, then please rinse all dishes and put on a towel or dishcloth, turn off water and dry with whatever you use to dry it. I would recommend a wash cloth so you can reuse it and wash with your laundry when dirty.
  2. Dishwasher – Please fill the dishwasher with the max amount of dirty dishes before turning on the dishwasher.  Many people I know activate the dishwasher after each meal which will increase your water bill as well as your electricity bill.
  3. Sprinklers – Adjust your sprinkler to water your lawns for a specific amount of time and to only water your lawn and not your sidewalk, house or other unnecessary areas. Water your lawn and garden in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler, to minimize evaporation.
  4. Cold Water – Many people, drink water (tap, filtered, etc.) and will let the faucet run until they get cold water. My tip – buy a mug and fill it with water, put it in the fridge, so you will get cold water whenever the need arises. There won’t be any wasted water down the drain.
  5. Washing Vegetables and Fruits – Put a large bowl in your sink while washing your vegetables and fruits to catch the water. You can use that water to water your plants.
  6. Fix All Leaky Faucets – One or two drips may not seem much to you, but it sure does add up. Go to http://bit.ly/12Z432e which is the American Water Works Association Drip Calculator to help you estimate how much water is wasted from leaks.
  7. Reduce Shower Time – My eight-year-old learned about this in school. Take one long shower a week and reduce all other shower time to 4-8 minutes.
  8. Use WaterSense Shower Heads – Visit this site at https://www.usa.gov/spend-save-invest to read more about this, it can help decrease your water bill.
  9. Mow the Lawn Less Often – Keep your lawn a little taller than average.  Taller lawns shade the grass roots and keep the dirt moisture for a longer period.
  10. Mulch – Spread a layer of organic mulch around plants because mulching allows plants to retain moisture and saves water, time and money and it also keeps down weeds.
  11. Sweeping – Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway and sidewalk and other areas so that you will be saving water every time. You will also get some extra exercise while doing this.
  12. Kids Playing in the Water – Use the sprinkler and let kids play in the area that needs watering so they will have fun while certain areas are getting watered = Everyones happy and water is being saved which equal, money being saved.
  13. EPA WaterSense – Look for products with the EPA WaterSense Label for items that are certified to save 20% or more without sacrificing performance.
  14. Washing Hands – When you are washing your hands, don’t let the water run while you lather and scrubbing between those fingers.
  15. Take-out Ice – Ice left in your cup from a take-out restaurant – use it to water a plant.
  16. Garbage Disposal – Throw fruits and vegetable peeling into your garden compost, throw out other garbage that you will usually put in your garbage disposal into the trash and take out the garbage every night. You will use the garbage disposal less and save water and electricity.
  17. Water Overflow – Place ice cubes under the moss or dirt in hanging baskets, planters and pots to eliminate water overflow.
  18. Healthy Tip – We are supposed to drink eight glasses of water or more a day – save the left over water from cooked or steamed food and drink it, it is healthy, and you can also make soup with it.
  19. Toilets – Is your toilet installed before 1992? Then reduce the amount of water used for each flush by inserting a displacement device in the tank.
  20. Gutters – Direct the water from rain gutters and HVAC systems toward plants that can endure a lot of water and landscape for automatic water savings. You can even create a rain barrel used to catch the rain water for watering your garden and plants.
Hopefully, these tips to save water help you as much as they helped my family and me to save some extra money each month.
Photo source: Love to Know