Weber's Girls Guide to Grilling
Weber's Girls Guide to Grilling

I love to grill and love BBQ so I am enjoying reading these tips. Reading this guide makes me want do some grilling for dinner tonight. Below is  page 11 from Weber’s Girls Guide to Grilling. You will have to click on the link below to view the whole guide because its too much to add on this post.

Excerpt taken from Weber’s Girls Guide to Grilling

How to Start Your Grill

Now, let’s get going. Step one: Starting the fire.
To start a charcoal grill:
• Remove the lid and open all air vents
before building the fire.
• Mound the briquets into a pyramid-shaped
pile or pile the charcoal
into a Weber® RapidFire® chimney starter.
• Place either Weber® FireStartersTM lighter
cubes (they are non-toxic, odorless, and
tasteless) or crumbled newspaper under
the pile of briquets and light.
• When coals are covered with a light grey
ash (usually 25 to 30 minutes), arrange the
coals with long-handled tongs according
to the cooking method you are going to
• For additional smoke flavor,
consider adding hardwood chips or
chunks (soaked in water for at least
30 minutes and drained) or moistened
fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or
bay leaves. Place the wet wood or herbs
directly on the coals just before you begin
(We purposely left out instructions for using lighter fluid. That’s
because we think the choices previously outlined are superior. Lighter
fluid is messy and can impart a
chemical taste to your food unless
it is thoroughly burned off. If you
choose to use lighter fluid, follow
the manufacturer’s instructions
and NEVER add lighter fluid to a
burning fire.)
To start your gas grill:
• Open the lid. Check that all burner control knobs are turned to off and that your
fuel tank is not empty.
• Turn the gas supply on at the source.
• Light the grill according to the
manufacturer’s directions, using either the
igniter switch or a match, if necessary.
Generally, when light-ing a gas grill, only
one burner should be turned on for ignition. Once the fire has begun, other
burners can be turned on.
• Close the lid and preheat the grill until
the thermometer reaches 500˚F to 550˚F.
This will take 10 to 15 minutes. To cook,
adjust burner controls as the recipe

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